7 Reasons to use us

  • We are people-centered not money motivated
  • We are only small and you are important to us
  • We offer the best properties in Mid Wales
  • We are honest and reliable
  • It is our aim to find the right property for you
  • We deal with deposits honestly
  • Letting is our only business not a secondary one to sales.

The questions that most prospective tenants ask;

What if I have poor credit?
It is very important that you are honest with us, we are not too concerned about your past credit history but we do need to demonstrate that you can afford the rent. We may ask for additional information, a Financial Statement backed up with bank statements and/or payslips, or an accountant's reference. We may require a Guarantor to support your tenancy.

Are there any other hidden costs?
No, however before we can process your application you may be required to pay a commitment payment which is equal to one week's rent, this will be repaid to you if your application is unsuccessful but is forfeited if you change your mind for any reason or if you fail to give full and accurate information on your application.

How much is the deposit?
You are required to pay the equivalent of one month's rent which will be paid to an approved Government deposit scheme, occasionally we will require a larger deposit but no more than the equivalent of 5 weeks' rent.

Before the start of your tenancy, you are required to pay one month's rent (less the commitment payment if you have paid one). Your next month's rent is due 1 calendar month from the start of the tenancy.

All payments should be made by bank transfer, we are not able to take payments by card, cheque or cash. We are not currently registered for VAT

Tenant Charges
Rent and Other Payments

  • Pay the Rent on the days and in the way we have agreed.
  • Pay the charges for Council Tax (or any similar charge which replaces it) and Utilities and other relevant suppliers that you are responsible for under this Agreement.

You will also be required to pay us, all reasonable losses, fees, damage costs, and expenses incurred by us which we incur:

  • in recovering from you of any Rent and any other money which is in arrears.
  • the service of any notice relating to the breach by you of any of your obligations under this Agreement whether or not the notice results in court proceedings.
  • the cost of any bank or other charges if any cheque written by you is dishonoured or if any standing order or any other payment method is withdrawn by your bankers.
  • as a result of any of your breaches of this agreement or in enforcing any provision of this Agreement, including those for seeking possession of the Property.
  • Pay interest at the rate of 3% above the Bank of England base rate upon any Rent or other monies due under this Agreement which is more than 14 days in arrears in respect of the date from when it became due to the date of payment.

Do I need insurance?
The landlord's insurance covers the property and its contents, but not your possessions. It is good practice to Insure your own goods and to include accidental damage to the landlord's property.

Do you accept pets?
All Landlords have their own criteria which are normally based on the suitability of the property. If a pet is acceptable we will ask for a pet reference preferably from a previous Landlord or a Vet. We also require evidence that the pet is treated appropriately for fleas and inoculated. It is normal practice to ask for an additional deposit for the pet, usually the equivalent of 1 week's rent.

Do I need a Guarantor?
All applicants aged under 25 or if you are unable to prove your financial status we are likely to ask for a Guarantor.

Your Guarantor will need to demonstrate that they can afford to pay your rent if for any reason you fail to do so. They will normally be a homeowner in employment.

Any other questions?
Give us a call on 01654 712470
Or email loungeletting@googlemail.com

Rent Smart Wales Tenant Guide
Follow the link to view the RSW Tenant Guide My File